The best Calcium source in the world!

Bio-Chel Ca is an organically chelated calcium which provides the ultimate in efficacy when applied to foliage or roots. A chelated nutrient will always supply more nutritional element than a compound salt and for foliar delivery it is well known that chelates are far superior all other sources.

Bio-Chel Calcium is the strongest calcium chelate in the world and comes in two forms.

  • As a 22% CaO powder designed for use in irrigation systems
  • As a 10% CaO liquid, 40% stronger than any other liquid calcium chelates available today.


Both versions are pure calcium and are fully available at a wider pH range (4-10) than other calcium nutrients (6.5-8.5).

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Bio-Chel Fe is organically chelated iron source designed for use in all crops and in all growing systems.

Highly efficacious, Bio-Chel Fe will provide optimal iron delivery across a wide range of pH 2-9 and can be applied for use by both foliage and roots. Unlike other Iron chelates, Bio-Chel Fe is renown for its safety on crop and comes in three forms for optimal use.

  • As a 10% Fe Granular designed for use in irrigation systems for soil grown crops and bioactive substrates such as peat, coir and peat free – plant based.
  • As a 11% Fe Hi Granular, designed for use in clean hydroponic systems such as coir, rockwool perlite and NFT.
  • As a 5% Fe liquid, for foliar application which both highly efficacious and cost effective.


Opti-Cal is a foliar calcium delivery product which moves calcium in a completely new direction. Opti-Cal uses a collection of technical advancements to deliver a foliar calcium that works on the leaf like no other calcium fertiliser.

Opti-Cal contains a unique MAS calcium package plus the natural organic chemistry of its Bio-Chel chelation; these synergistically work together to optimise leaf acceptance of calcium.

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