The Silicon range of fertilisers, bring an innovative new silicon technology to professional growing.

The unique formulations stabilises liquid silicic acid into a nutrient solution which is proven to be fully available to the plant via both foliar and root application.

Silicon is the second most abundant nutrient in the earth’s crust, however its availability to the plant is very low as plants can only access it in one form – as monosilicic acid. The silicon range from Engage provides available silicon to increase the strength, growth and health of crops.

Benefits to growing crops:

  • Silicon will boost the strength of cells and increase the speed at which growth can be created so will optimise overall growth potential.
  • Silicon aids the balance of nutrient uptake by the plant by addressing the silicon requirement thereby reducing, competition for uptake against other essential elements
  • Silicon reinforces leaf cuticle and other epidermal tissues to reduce susceptibility to pathogenic and pest pressure.
  • Unlike many silicon products it is safe on crops at recommended rates.

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