Almeria, Spain


Due to lack of available clean water (water below 4000mS/cm EC) water prices in Almeria are steadily climbing making the water expensive by the time it reaches the crops (€0.45 per 1000L*). In this melon trial, water application rates were controlled by moisture sensors which meant the crop water volume could be accurately measured.


Integrate 80 was applied to 5 acres of a commercial  melon crop at the following rates and intervals.

  • 2.0 litres per Ha after planting.
  • 1.0 litre per Ha, two weeks after planting.
  • 1.0 litre per Ha four weeks after planting.


Moisture levels were held at greater concentrations to the point whereby irrigation requirement was reduced by 65% over the growing period of the crop, a saving in the melon crop of over 2194m3 in water. At €0.45 this saved the grower €987.00 per Ha.

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