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10% Silicon w/w + Salicylic acidA unique new combination of Silicon and Salicylic acid, created to maximise the strength and health of crops.

Sentinel is a fertiliser containing a unique form of silicon combined with the plant extract salicylic acid.

It boosts the strength of cells during cellular production and increases the speed at which growth can be created so increasing overall growth potential. 

The salicylic acid present in Sentinel is found naturally in plants and plays an active role in plant growth and development, photosynthesis, transpiration, nutrient uptake and transport.

In Sentinel its use is to aid silicon movement as it enters the plant to aid the repair and recovery of cells after periods of stress.

Together the silicon and salicylic acid in Sentinel create a negative feeding response in insect pests making plant tissues unpalatable to many species.


  • Improved plant cell development.
  • Optimal silicon transport.
  • Tissue recovery and immune system reinforcement.
  • Protection against stress.


Improved Plant Cell Development – once a plant absorbs Silicon, it is permanently deposited into cell walls within a matter of hours. The deposits form a silica-cellulose framework that is stronger and cells are created more quickly so plants develop faster and grow more quickly when they have access to greater levels Silicon.

Balancing uptake of other elements – the presence of Silicon can positively affect the uptake and absorption of macro and micro nutrients. Silicon increases Zinc, nitrogen and phosphorus uptake and when applying silicon there is a corresponding increase of nutrient flow into crops 

Maintain Cell Integrity and Plant Strength – one of the more obvious effects of adding Silicon to crops is the visible response from the applications. Plants become stronger, with thicker stems and branches. This in turn increases the yielding potential of crops as they can support more leaf, flower and fruit.

Tissue recovery – as salicylic acid is 100% absorbed it can be transported throughout the whole plant. Salicylic acid supports the plant in its efforts to form wound repair tissue, accelerating further growth in these areas. This activity in combination with silicon, aids wound repair created by pruning or de-leafing activity, which supports the plant in reducing areas of open tissue that may become infection sites for possible disease ingress.

Reduced susceptibility to stress – silicon increases the strength of cell walls during cellular production acting like cell wall cement to create stronger plants with increased stress tolerance.  The form of silicon in Sentinel is important as it can all be used by the plant which allows for low levels of application (0.5L/Ha) and applied foliarly has the ability to support the formation of a thicker cuticle layer. It also significantly increases leaf hair production so when used regularly can limit abiotic and biotic stresses such as UV rays, temperature extremes and predation.

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