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VerdeNT is a unique nitrogen and calcium formulation combined with Arm U advanced and MAS Bio Package technologies specifically designed to manage crop structure to enhance yield and quality.

The nitrogen within VerdeNT is amine and is slow released by the Arm U advanced technology which for foliar use means the nitrogen is absorbed as amine which makes its use by the plant very different.

Unlike nitrate nitrogen foliar fertiliser VerdeNT does not stimulate auxin production which stretches internode length and diverts calcium away from developing fruiting bodies or storage organs. Growth is more compact and stronger calcium is used more efficiently to enhance leaf colour, stem thickness, shorter internodes and great quality of growth.


  • As a nitrogen/calcium foliar fertiliser.
  • As a natural foliar growth enhancer.
  • Optimises root to shoot ratio.
  • Aids growth whilst reducing stress.


  • A high specification nitrogen/calcium formulation made using Arm U Advanced stabilised nitrogen to give stable long lasting performance.
  • VerdeNT is designed for regular application foliage to assist the growing crop to build strong cells and manipulate root to shoot ratio to optimise yield and quality.
  • The unique formulation combines specific organic acids, alginates and Engage MAS technology to optimise growth processes and aid nutrient assimilation and transport.

VerdeNT also supports the growing crops by providing a package of stress relieving elements to maximise growth potential.

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