Managing water scarcity

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ARZAK wrote this great article below for Agri Magazine, April 2024 Issue:

Water supply and management constitute a major challenge for producers. Indeed, irrigation water losses occur at several levels, namely evaporation, leaching and surface flow. Given the difficulty of supplying water, mastering the methods for managing these losses would make it possible to largely resolve the water problem, and among these methods is the Aqualatus solution (formerly called Integrate).

The Aqualatus solution is the result of several years of scientific research carried out by the British company Engage Crop Solutions which resulted in the discovery of a unique combination of three 100% biodegradable copolymers which have the ability to access reduce the penetration of water into heavy soils and thus avoid stagnation which increases the evaporation of water, in addition to being asphyxiating for crops, the ability to ensure excellent lateral diffusion of water slowing its loss through leaching while maintaining the water in the absorptive root part and finally increasing the oxygenation rate of the soil, which has the major consequence of an excellent water supply cultures.

Over the last four years, the company ARZAK ST and its British supplier Engage Crop Solutions have carried out countless tests across Morocco on different types of soil (heavy, light, hydromorphic, etc.) and different crops (avocado, raspberry, citrus, date palm, apple, tomato, etc.) and in several regions. We were able to reduce water losses by at least 30 and up to 50% during the hottest periods of the year, namely the months of June to August while maintaining crop performance in terms of biomass production (summer shoots in Afourar citrus fruits for example), the precocity of production of all the crops tested, the improvement in the quality of the fruits produced (homogeneity of coloring in the variety of Pixie apple for example), the yield, and all with less water, less energy for pumping, a saving in fertilising elements, an optimisation of the working time of the workers and a preservation of the equipment irrigation by increasing the rest time.

The Aqualatus solution distinguishes itself from other polymer solutions by its biodegradability and its unique mode of action, namely instead of the polymers intended for use on board for chemical and industrial uses swelling between the particles of the soil, the micelles (microscopic structures) of Aqualatus form globes around soil particles (clay, silt, etc.) keeping water outside and oxygen inside, and all with a very low dose of use per hectare (the lowest in the world). In fact, the Aqualatus polymers contain a hydrophilic head which fixes the irrigation water and a hydrophobic tail which fixes the oxygen, while another organic polymer reduces the surface tension of the water.

Aqualatus is suitable for all uses, namely: saving irrigation water, eliminating water stagnation, optimal management of irrigation water, reducing costs and time allocated to irrigation and above all a preservation of the rare resource which is water which we have the obligation to preserve and share with the other vital sectors of our society.

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