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The highest silicon delivery to secure growth, yield and quality.

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust. So abundant in fact it was never seen as a nutrient at all plants could access it for growth. In biologically active soils, levels of available silicon are abundant and it is used to create every plant cell and to physically reinforce cell strength.

Sadly, over the past 50 years the increased use of inorganic fertilisers has massively reduced soil biology to the point where available silicon levels are far too low to adequately support crop growth

The need for silicon fertiliser was established however plants only take up one specific form of silicon which is silicic acid. Using silicate-based products does not aid silicon uptake so Engage developed the use of a new form of stabilised silicic acid and this is Sion.

At 21% Si Sion is the highest available liquid silicon in the world and delivers silicon at such high levels its use rate is only required 0.25-1.0L per hectare.

As a nutrient Sion can be used for foliar and irrigated application to increase the growth, health and strength of crops.

Sion’s unique form of silicon is proven to be the best available silicon that is available to the plant today.


  • To address the silicon requirement of all crops.
  • To increase cell strength to protect against all stress.
  • To support strong growth in all crops.
  • To support increased skin tissue strength in fruiting crops to prevent splitting.


  • Improved plant cell development – once a plant absorbs Sion’s silicon, it is permanently deposited into cell walls within a matter of hours. The deposits form a silica-cellulose framework that is stronger and cells are created more quickly so the plant develops faster and can grow quicker when it has access to greater levels of silicon.
  • Balancing uptake of other elements – the presence of silicon can positively affect the uptake and absorption of macro and micro-nutrients. Silicon increases zinc, nitrogen and phosphorus uptake and when applying Sion there is a corresponding increase of nutrient flow into crops.
  • Maintain cell integrity and plant strength – one of the more obvious effects of adding silicon to crops is the visible response from the applications. Plants become stronger with thicker stems and branches. This in turn increases the yielding potential of crops as they can support more leaf, flower and fruit. They also produce more leaf hairs, (trichomes)which aids leaf management of transpiration to reduce water loss.
  • Protection against stress – in nature, plants have evolved to absorb and use silicon to become not just structurally but also biochemically strong. Plants use silicon to cope with a variety of adverse conditions they encounter— such as strong winds, excess heat, water shortages, toxic elements, pest attacks, disease infection etc. Think of plants using silicon to build a more solid house for itself against the huffs and puffs of adverse conditions.

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