MAS-Power Zn

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MAS-Power Zn

Optimal Zinc Delivery for all crops.

MAS-Power Zn is a unique formulation designed for use as a premium foliar boron combined with Engage’s Mineral Assimilation System (MAS).

This advanced formulation maximises the efficacy of the spray by aiding the penetration, distribution, and assimilation of Zinc by the plant. MAS also aids plant health and reinforces crop stress tolerance.

Application of Zinc is vital to hormone and enzyme syntheses and support for shoot and root growth and is also important in maturation of growth. Most importantly adequate levels of Zinc allow plants to withstand lower air temperatures.


  • To correct zinc deficiency.
  • To increase the rate of photosynthesis.
  • Increases growth in cooler weather.
  • Aid stress moderation in hot conditions.
  • Aids starch formation in storage organs.


  • A unique zinc formulation, which maximises zinc nutrient use efficiency.
  • A proprietary formulation which breaks away from traditional basic single element products and provides a complete support package required by the plant.
  • Provides a superior zinc delivery system, which addresses plant health and abiotic stresses as well as maximising the yield potential of the crop.
  • Improves the quality of the spray tank environment resulting in good chemical compatibility and improved solubility of select

MAS-Power Zn increases photosynthesis in plants by increasing chlorophyll density and leaf size.

Recommended Crops


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