MAS-Power Active Frost

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MAS-Power Active Frost

MAS-Power Active Frost is a nutritional, powerful anti-stress liquid package designed to mitigate frost stress factors and reduce accumulation of ice crystals which are so damaging to young plant tissues and blossom.

Active Frost is a combination of Boron, combined with carefully chosen plant amino acids and the addition of 30% of Engage’s proprietary MAS anti-stress concentrate.

It is proven to reduce the oxidative stress associated with extreme cold and will not only protect crops but help them recover more quickly.


  • To disrupt the formation of ice crystal on plant tissues.
  • Reduce thermic reduction of internal cell contents due to extreme cold.
  • Provides localised changes to intracellular fluid to slow the internal formation of ice in plant tissues.
  • To stimulate the production of compounds to reduce damage from oxidative stress and speed recovery.


  • Active Frost when applied to crops during cold stress periods or during frost events has triple activity. Applied 24 hours before a frost event three different modes of activity are seen.
  • Active Frost coats plant tissues to disrupt the formation of ice crystals which induce internal thermic reduction to increase the formation of ice in cells.
  • It provides localised changes in intracellular fluid content which increases the time it takes to form ice in cells and reduces the risk of long-term tissue damage.

Active Frost also penetrates tissues to provide and stimulate the production of compounds within cells and intracellular spaces. This dramatically reduces the stress response induced compounds produced during cold stress, again reducing long term damage, and aiding rapid tissue recovery.

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