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High performance irrigated crops require daily feeding especially if they are grown in substrate or hydroponic situations and so products in this range need to be super concentrated and high quality to optimise cost in use

Engage powder and granular fertiliser range offers the highest concentration products using only the purest ingredients and delivery technologies available. This ensures optimal performance of the nutrient packages to sustain strong, healthy growth support in a cost-efficient form. Within the sector our Pure-Mix range water delivers total crop support, whilst managing water hardness. Pure-Mix blends cover all growth stages and contain all macro, secondary and micro elements.


A range of high quality water soluble N:P:K, secondary and trace elements blends specifically created to meet the needs of irrigated crops using only the purest ingredients and blended to the highest standards for use in all irrigation types.

Pure-Mix offers a range of analysis to cater for all crops and all growing conditions and comes in two forms, standard and water tuned (acid), to optimise soil and growing media pH and nutrient availability.

The Pure-Mix range is extensive with multiple standard/acid analyses bespoke analyses upon request and trace element mixes. All are created without the need for help in dissolution and come without dye unless required.

Aqualatus Granular

Aqualatus Granular is a dry formulation of Aqualatus technology, specifically formulated for extensive open field crops where water retention is required however the use of intensive irrigation is not possible.

Applying Aqualatus Granular to soils will improve water and nutrient distribution and utilisation. It does this by delivering Aqualatus technology to the rootzone to increase moisture content therefore expanding the rhizosphere potential so larger, healthier root systems can develop to access greater levels of nutrients which result in quality/yield benefits.

MAS-Power Active Bud

Optimal support for early season bud growth.

A super concentrated blend of soluble nutrients and support compounds designed to provide optimal support during bud growth, flowering and early fruit development.

MAS-Power Active Bud is a powerful blend of the highest quality nutrients, plant extracts and amino acids which is micronized to make it ideal made for foliar application from bud break to post flowering.The high phosphate analysis is supported by a high level of magnesium to ensure optimal mobility once in the plant The micro element package has been created to provide the best balance for bud support up to and during the flowering and fruit setting process.

Bio-Chel Ca

Bio-Chel Ca is the strongest calcium chelate currently at a staggering 22.5% CaO. It is multi-function calcium chelate complex, providing growers and farmers with a completely available organically chelated calcium for use as a high performance foliar fertiliser or to supplement irrigated calcium in a form that is pure calcium and does not contain nitrogen or chloride. 

Bio-Chel Ca fully available between the pH of 4-9, is highly soluble and the strong chelation means its sits perfectly in stock and spray tanks without fear of reaction. Also the chelate comes with natural organic wetter’s so covers leaves and penetrates rootzones a greater levels.

Bio-Chel Fe Granular

Advanced organically chelated granular Iron, (10% Fe)

Bio-Chel Fe Liquid is an advanced micronutrient granule, organically chelated, to provide a new source of iron for both root and foliar application. Using the organic Bio-Chel chelation the ratio of soluble lignin to iron in Bio-Chel Fe Liquid has been optimised to ensure full stability and availability over a pH range of 2-8.

Bio-Chel Fe Granular is highly soluble and so is suitable for all irrigation practices.  It is suitable for use as a single nutrient and is used throughout the Pure-Mix range as our iron source of choice. The chelation of Bio-Chel Fe granular is very strong so within its pH range the iron remains highly available.

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