Aqualatus® / Integrate®

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Aqualatus® / Integrate®

Aqualatus (also known as Integrate) is the world’s leading water saving technology with outstanding qualities to benefit soil water management, aggregation and nutrition.

Its formula, unique to Engage, makes it an essential technology for the areas of the world where water availability is an issue.

Aqualatus’s unique formula is proven in 10+ years of trials and commercial sales to reduce water loss to crops by eradicating surface run off, dramatically reducing surface evaporation and slowing the natural gravitational movement of water.

The saving of water loss means that water application to crops can be reduced by 40-50% whilst still maintaining optimal crop development, yield and quality.


  • To actively manage the movement and retention of soil moisture.
  • Create an equilibrium of air to water in all soils.
  • Reaggregate soils from fine silts and clays to maintain optimal conditions for crop development.
  • To reduce overall water application.


  • Formulated to give excellent initial wetting of agricultural soils and growing media.
  • Increases water retention in all soils and creates an equilibrium of air and water
  • Optimises the penetration, lateral movement and distribution of root applied nutrients.
  • Maximises irrigation efficiency to reduce overall water requirement.
  • Provides long term residual re-wetting of roots zones in any crop.
  • In regular use will reaggregate soils to support optimum growing conditions
  • Can be applied to all soils and any growing substrate.

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