Fortify XD

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Fortify XD

One of the more recent additions to the Fortify XD marks a new era in Bio-fortification technology being a new polymeric chelate which uses selected trace elements and specific amino acids to reinforce cellular processes to strengthen cell integrity and to ‘limit susceptibility’ to damage from biotic stresses.

Within the processes supported by the addition of Fortify XD, the trace element are chelated in such a way that they are made available to create compounds which the cells of plants can use for maintaining strong cellular health to reduce the production of damaging compounds normally created by cells in response to periods of stress.

The compounds created support strong cellular function and allow the applied crops to maintain vigour and growth which in turn results in the maintenance of yield and quality.


  • To deliver chelated trace elements with regular use.
  • To support the healthy function of cells under stress.
  • To support crop health with a unique amino acid package.


  • Increases physiological strength of crops to support the plant’s ability to withstand abiotic and biotic stresses.
  • Energizes the plant through improving photosynthesis, chlorophyll production and sugar formation.
  • Stimulates the production of phenolic compounds to aid crop growth and health.
  • Aids the regulation of water movement and increases vascular flow.
  • Aids the production of enzymes to improve protein synthesis and strengthens plant tissue and thus supports stronger growth and crop recovery.

Enhances uptake of other products that are tank mixed with Fortify XD.

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