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Brix-Builder is a combination of naturally occurring bio-stimulant materials rich in alginates, organic chelating agents, sugars, amino acids, polypeptides, vitamins and naturally occurring cytokinin.

Brix-Builder supports the developmental stages of crop growth by providing and catalysing carbohydrate production in all crops.

It is proven to increase fruit and flower number and will lift brix levels when used during fruit development.


  • Brix-Builder is created to lift brix levels in fruiting crops and will do so with low dose rates and minimal number of applications.
  • Brix-Builder may be used to stimulate growth in any tired or underperforming crops.
  • For use in crops to boost flower health and strength.
  • For use in increasing overall crop health including resistance to stress.
  • Immediately following harvest can be used to improve plant energy (carbohydrate) storage before crop winter dormancy to ensure a productive following crop.


  • Brix-Builder will reduce the alternate bearing nature of many tree fruit and nut crops by enhancing the size of the second crop after a good harvest.
  • Brix-Builder has demonstrated the ability to improve nutrient metabolisation, particularly in relation to sugar production. It does this by a combination of providing intermediates for growth and re-balancing the plant with a bias towards sugar production.
  • Brix Builder will promote early grass growth on golf greens under low temperatures and may be used for greens regeneration throughout the year.
  • Once fruits are formed it enhances the ripening process leading to sugar accumulation and higher brix levels.
  • Brix-Builder will improve flavour in some salad crops as well as enhancing early stage performance in flowering plants.
  • Regular use will see the period between flowering and harvest time is reduced to increase frequency of fruiting in many crops.

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