Aqualatus Ca®

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Aqualatus Ca®

Aqualatus Ca is a new variant of the Aqualatus technology specifically designed for use in coir substrate.

Aqualatus Ca contains a unique blend of hydrating surfactants, polymers and 18% calcium to optimise the hydration process of coir, increase the speed of water penetration and coir expansion and catalyse the buffering process required before coir use.

The exclusive formulation created by Engage supports greater diffusion of water, calcium and of other nutrients when regularly used.

Aqualatus Ca is formulated to maximise hydration and expansion of coir growing media and can increase volume of finished compost.


  • For use on all substrate grown crops including, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and all ornamental species.
  • A liquid technology specifically designed to meet the needs of coir growing media during the hydration process and to manage water and nutrient balancing in substrate grown crops during the season.


  • Optimises the hydration process of coir to aid and increased water penetration, coir expansion and salt leaching.
  • The unique blend of surfactant and polymers allow water to penetrate and expand coir slabs at up to eight times the normal speed to accelerate the salt leaching process.
  • The polymers and calcium in Aqualatus Ca catalyse and accelerate the leaching of high sodium and potassium levels naturally present in new coir slabs.
  • Aqualatus Ca can be used to hydrate and rehydrate coir, coco peats, peat, peat/bark and all other growing substrates.
  • It will evenly distribute nutrients across the growing medium and rootzone to aid crop growth.

Aqualatus Ca will create equilibrium of air and moisture in growing media to aid root growth and nutrient uptake throughout the season.


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