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The Stone Fruit category of fruits includes cherry, plum, apricot, peach, nectarine and olive species which often grow in challenging environmental conditions and poor soils. Stone fruit require regular support to ensure strong flowers, fruit set and fruit development which results in consistently high numbers of good sized, high quality fruit with dense flesh and strong skins.

They need to be clean from damage from pests and diseases and store for long periods, if needed. As the fruit are on the trees for up to six months, applications need to be all season long and to cover from bud burst up to harvest espsecially thought the flower initiation period and even post harvest to replenish the trees for the season ahead. Engage are experts with this crop group and have developed a full nutrient programme for these important crops.


Stone Fruit Foliar Programme

Top products for Stone Fruits

MAS-Power Active Bud

A super concentrated blend of nutrients and support compounds designed to provide optimal support during early bud growth, flowering and early fruit development. MAS-Power Active Bud is a powerful blend of the highest quality nutrients, plant extracts and amino acids which is micronised to make it ideal made for foliar application from bud break to post flowering.

The high phosphate analysis is pH optimised and supported by a high level of magnesium to ensure optimal mobility once in the plant The micro element package has been created to provide the best balance for bud support up to and during the flowering and fruit setting process.

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Aqualatus (also known as Integrate) is the leading soil surfactant formulation of four soil applied liquid polymers with outstanding qualities to benefit soils across the world so save water and optimise fruit tree nutrition. Its formula, unique to Engage, supports the maximum distribution of root applied nutrients to aid root functions and nutrient uptake. Most importantly regular use of Aqualatus remove water runoff, surface evaporation and will slow the natural gravitational movement of water and nutrients including nitrates. These amazing qualities reduce the overall requirement of water and nutrients for soil grown crops.

Proven in over 10 years of independent trials and commercial sales across the world, Aqualatus water and nutrient reduction has be been consistently 40-50% whilst maintaining optimal crop development, yield and quality.

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MAS-Power Active Frost

Stone Fruit crops flower and set fruit generally through the period which is peppered with frost events. Frost can be extremely damaging to stone fruit buds, flowers and young fruit and can cause damage or even failure in the formation of fruit, seriously effecting yield potential. MAS-Power Active Frost is a sophisticated blend of nutrients, amino acids and anti-stress compounds and is proven in three years of trials to reduce the damage frost events directly create in plant issues and managing the stress process to minimise fruit loss.

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Bio-Chel Ca

One of the worlds most concentrated calcium chelate liquids, Bio-Chel Ca 10% CaO) is organically formulated from a sustainable, renewable resource and is 100% available calcium. Being pure calcium and organically chelated means calcium acceptance by fruit trees and developing fruit could not be higher, so efficacy is assured. The strong organic chelation within Bio-Chel Ca is important as it makes the product non-reactive and therefore ideal for application within all nutrient and foliar plant protection sprays.

Used regularly Bio-Chel Ca will optimise bud growth, flowering and fruit set and will deliver optimal levels of calcium to developing apples to ensure longer storage potential and no calcium related disorders.

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Cypher is a modified organic acid blend derived from plant active portions of lignin and leonhardite ore. It comprises of 100% organic acids which unlock nutrient potential for increased fruit tree growth and yield. Cypher is designed to condition soils which have become compacted, overloaded in bonded salts or have a higher than optimal pH.

Regular use of Cypher will help maintain aggregate stability, optimal pH and active soil microflora and will de-bond ‘locked up’ nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus to ensure Stone Fruit trees can uptake important elements at higher levels.

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MAS-Power Active Fruit

MAS-Power Active Fruit is a high potassium foliar nutrient package designed specifically to increase the number, size and quality of all fruits. Using a unique package of specifically chosen elements and natural extracts, Active Fruit will supports stone fruit quality, health and tolerance to abiotic stress factors. It contains the most readily leaf accepted form of potassium so is unrivalled in delivery of this important fruit nutrient.

Generous levels of support compounds, phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids within Active Fruit are specifically aimed at supporting fruit development. Used early, Active Fruit aids fruit set and retention of developing fruits and used later in the season it is proven to increase fruit size.

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The overuse of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides has massively reduced soil biology to the point where the need for silicon nutrition has been established. Plants only take up one specific form of silicon which is silicic acid. To address this Engage developed Sion. At 21% Silicon, Sion is highest available liquid silicon in the world and delivers silicon at such high levels its use rate is only required 0.25-1.0L per hectare.

In Stone Fruits using Sion regularly will support the optimal growth to strengthen all plant tissues to reduce susceptibility to any stress and reduce susceptibility from pathogen infection, especially powdery mildew and reduce damage from insect predation. Most importantly it works in conjunction with calcium to ensure fruit flesh is dense and the skins develop optimal firmness.

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Additional applications for reducing susceptibility to disease and insect pests.

Fortify Maxx

The latest edition to the Fortify Platform, Engage launch Fortify Maxx for 2023. Building on the success of market leading biostimulatory technologies such as Fortify Cu and Fortify XD, Fortify Maxx introduces a brand new technology, Phenophites. Fortify Maxx is a package of three chelated micronutrients and unique to Engage, plant extracts called ‘Phenophites’ taken from specific plant species naturally attuned to withstanding higher levels of abiotic and biotic stress.

The nutritional/phenophite package works in combination to increase the natural production of phenolic compounds from secondary pathways to significantly limit a plants susceptibility to stress of any kind. Unlike inorganic secondary pathway stimulants, Fortify Maxx does not create a residue as all the formulation is used by the growing crop.

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Fortify XD

Fortify XD in an advanced crop biofortification technology which uses the polymeric chelation of selected trace elements and specific organic acids. XD reinforces cellular processes to strengthen cell integrity which ‘limits susceptibility’ to damage from abiotic and biotic stress. Fortify XD chelates the element within its formula in such a way that they are made available to create compounds which plant cells can use to maintain strong cellular health to reduce the production of damaging compounds normally created during stress.

Regular application is proven to limit susceptibility to stone fruit disease infections such as scab/freckle.

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Sentinel is a 10% advanced foliar Silicon is based upon the delivery of mono-silicic and salicylic acid to fruit tree tissues. Silicic acid is the only form of silicon fruit trees will accept and its affects are highly beneficial to both the tree and developing fruit.

Once applied, Sentinel is used by the trees to support superior growth and helps to build strong resilient cells which act as a physical barrier for the crop to reduce both susceptibility to damage from disease infection and predation from insect pests.

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