MAS-Power Mn

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MAS-Power Mn

Delivering Manganese at the highest level.

MAS-Power Mn is a unique formulation designed for use as a premium foliar magnesium combined with Engage’s Mineral Assimilation System (MAS).

This advanced formulation maximises the penetration, distribution, and assimilation of manganese by the plant.

Manganese is vitally important in the photosynthetic process. It supports the assimilation of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and aids in the synthesis of chlorophyll and in nitrate assimilation. As manganese is not readily translocated in the plant foliar support can often be the best choice for quick correction of a deficiency. Deficiency symptoms appear first on younger leaves. The most common symptoms on most plants are interveinal chlorosis and its effects on growth can be dramatic so ensuring manganese levels are optimal is essential.


  • To correct manganese deficiency.
  • Aids protein synthesis by reducing nitrate accumulation.
  • Increases energy transfer during photosynthesis.
  • Aids leaf development.


  • A unique manganese sulphate formulation, which maximises manganese nutrient use efficiency.
  • A proprietary formulation which breaks away from basic single element products and provides a complete support package required by the plant.
  • Provides a superior manganese delivery system which addresses plant health and abiotic stresses as well as maximising the yield potential of the crop.
  • Improves the quality of the spray tank environment resulting in good chemical compatibility and improved solubility of select products.

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