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A unique water conditioner, acidifier and softener which is low hazard and highly effective at reducing and stabilising the long-term pH of irrigation and spray tank water.

Reactor is a blend of multiple components, created specifically to be added to water solutions to aid nutrient availability and maximise the performance of foliar applied nutrients and agrochemicals in situations where aggressive acids are not suitable or desired.

Reactor contains a long chain polymer-based water softener, a sequestering agent to isolate cationic, buffering agents to improve tank mix compatibility and complexed acidifiers to reduce pH and guard against pesticide hydrolysis.


  • To reduce and stabilise the pH of a spray tank solution to improve compatibility of contents.
  • To aid dissolution of nutrients in a stock mix and to provide optimal water pH for nutrient availability.


  • Will reduce the pH of any water solution to optimum to allow for greater availability of nutrients.
  • Maximises the availability of rootzone nutrients for extended periods.
  • Reduces and stabilises the pH of spray tanks solutions to maximise the efficacy of pesticides and foliar applied nutrients and biostimulants.
  • Reactor provides a safe alternative to aggressive acids, to manage irrigation water pH.

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