Droughts and Deficits

The Global Impacts of Droughts on Economic Growth

An interesting new report, Droughts and Deficits: Summary Evidence of the Global Impact on Economic Growth, uses state-of the art empirical research to present new estimates of the effects of rainfall shocks and droughts on gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

Droughts result in shortages, with diminished rainfall particularly impacting economic growth, especially in agricultural regions. The latest report from the World Bank Group utilises cutting-edge research to illustrate, through infographics and multimedia, the consequences of droughts.

Roughly two-thirds of the world’s population resides in a water basin facing water stress during some portion of the year.

Aqualatus, our water-saving liquid technology boasts over a decade of verified data demonstrating its effectiveness in conserving water, fertiliser, and energy. With over 250 trials conducted in 17 countries and ongoing research, its track record continues to grow.

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