Fortify Maxx

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Fortify Maxx

New for 2022 Engage launched Fortify Maxx. Building on the success of their Fortify platform of market leading biostimulatory technologies such as Fortify Cu and Fortify XD, Fortify Maxx introduces a brand new technology, Phenophites.

Fortify Maxx has been in development since early 2016 as Engage began the hunt for natural alternative stimulants to inorganic versions within their Fortify range, phosphites being one example, to support crops under oxidative stress.

Fortify Maxx is a package of three chelated micronutrients and unique to Engage, plant extracts called ‘Phenophites’ taken from specific plant species naturally attuned to withstanding higher levels of abiotic and biotic stress. The nutritional/phenophite package work together to increase the natural production of phenolic compounds from secondary pathways to significantly limit a plants susceptibility to stress of any kind.


  • To aid crops during periods of stress both abiotic and biotic.
  • To stimulate vascular flow and aid nutrient/water movement.
  • To reduce susceptibility to stress without residues.


  • Fortify Maxx’s blend of organically chelated nutrient and extracts support the important process of synthesis of phenolic substances and phytoalexins by plants to reduce susceptibility to stress.
  • Fortify Maxx used continually via irrigation or a regular foliar application and will supply optimal levels of copper zinc and manganese.
  • Stimulates vascular flow to aid nutrient and water movement.
  • Organic and does not create residues
  • Will with regular application reduce susceptibility to abiotic and biotic stress factors.

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