Bio-Chel Fe Granular

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Bio-Chel Fe Granular

Optimal Iron delivery using unique organic chelation

Bio-Chel Fe Granular is a (10% Fe) highly soluble organically chelated iron designed to meet the needs of high performance irrigated crops.

Optimised to ensure full availability between 3-7 pH, Bio-Chel Fe is an easy to use micro-granular iron created specifically for use in high performance irrigation systems.

Importantly the organic chelation in Bio-Chel Fe is fully biodegradable and non-polluting, providing an alternative to other iron chelates which is a superior iron source which meets Regenerative Nutrition criteria.


  • An organically iron source to maintain and boost iron levels in all irrigated crops
  • To maintain optimal chlorophyll production and photosynthetic activity
  • To provide a highly soluble iron for high performance hydroponic systems


    • Provides higher levels of available and chelated iron than other chelated competitor products
    • Penetration of leaves and roots are at higher rates
    • Will completely biodegrade within 80 days
    • Environmentally sustainable
    • Highly soluble so can be used in all irrigation systems

    Cost effective in use compared to other chelated iron sources.


Recommended Crops


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