MAS-Power Active Fruit

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MAS-Power Active Fruit

Optimal fruit support throughout the growing season.

MAS-Power Active Fruit is a high potassium foliar nutrient package designed to specifically increases the number, size and quality of all fruits.

Using a unique package of specifically chosen elements and natural extracts, MAS-Power Active Fruit will also aid crop and plant quality, health and tolerance to abiotic stress factors.

It contains the most readily leaf accepted form of potassium and generous levels of support compounds, phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids specifically aimed at supporting fruit development.


  • To aid the fruit set in all fruiting plants.
  • To support fruit fill during development.
  • To be used later in development to increase fruit size over normal potential.


  • Contains a high level of potassium (32%) in the most available form when foliarly applied.
  • This package of a natural nutritional support contains high levels of plant phytohormones which are specifically chosen to aid fruit set and fruit swell.
  • When used early in the season Active Fruit will support fruit development and nutrient flow into fruits to optimise cell division.
  • When used mid to late season Active Fruit will bring elasticity to fruit tissues to aid fruit expansion and nutrient flow to optimise size and fruit tissue density.

Active Fruit is highly compatible and will mix with all known plant protection products

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