Fortify Cu

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Fortify Cu

Fortify Cu is one of the best anti-stress formulations available today and is a unique formulation of copper phosphite and bio activators.

The unique formula aids the foliar penetration, vascular transport and and assimilation of copper to promote plant health during periods of biotic stress.

Fortify Cu utilises a blend of phosphorus and copper and halide ion sources, designed specifically to maintain the established yield of crops.


  • A foliar copper-based phosphite fertiliser designed for use in the promotion of new growth and improved yields of field crops, vegetables, fruit, citrus, and ornamentals.
  • This is an advanced copper formulation containing key nutrients essential for photosynthesis, pollination, and maturity.
  • Most importantly the nutrient package supports crops to maintain established yield when they are under greater stress from biotic pressure.


  • Fortify Cu is a unique formulation of PO4, PO3, copper and halide ions which complement each other to support plant bio-fortification and reduce yield loss.
  • Fortify Cu provides superior nutrient delivery to the plant and addresses both plant health and abiotic stresses.
  • The robust formula of Fortify Cu stimulates vascular flow and root activity to mobilise copper in crops to maintain vigour and growth which in turn results in the maintenance of yield and quality.
  • Its halide ion technology uses dynamic polarisation of leaf tissues to reduce susceptibility to pathogenic infection

In trials it has proven to dramatically reduce susceptibility to fruit canker.

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