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Having optimal soil and growing media conditions is essential for strong, active root growth and indeed healthy productive crops. It is very rare to find soils that are perfect for the growing crop and all will differ from year to year depending upon crops grown, nutritional products and agrochemicals applied, mechanical compaction and if irrigated, water factors of salts, pH and mineral load. Growing media is no different and will be more affected by irrigation than soils, so both often require help.

Within the products from Engage, we have developed a range of technologies that are created to directly work in soil and growing media. All will aid growing crops in correcting many of the issues seen in soil and growing media rootzones from optimal water retention, reducing salt load, optimising bioactivity, creation of optimal aerobic conditions, correcting pH and optimising cation exchange capacity (CEC).


Aqualatus is the world’s leading soil surfactant with outstanding qualities to benefit soil water management, aggregation and nutrition. Its formula, unique to Engage, makes it an essential technology for the areas of the world where water availability is an issue.

Aqualatus’ unique formula is proven (10 years of trials) to reduce water loss to crops by eradicating surface run off, dramatically reducing surface evaporation and slowing the natural gravitational movement of water.  The saving of water loss means that water application to crops can be reduced by 40-50% without any loss of crop development, yield and quality.

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Aqualatus Ca

Aqualatus Ca is a new variant of the Integrate technology specifically designed for use in coir substrate. Aqualatus Ca contains a unique blend of hydrating surfactants, polymers and 18% calcium to optimise the hydration process of coir, increase the speed of water penetration and coir expansion and catalyse the buffering process required before coir use.

The exclusive formulation created by Engage supports greater diffusion of water, calcium and of other nutrients when regularly used. Aqualatus Ca is formulated to maximise hydration and expansion of coir growing media and can increase volume of finished compost.

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A range of high quality water soluble N:P:K, secondary and trace elements blends specifically created to meet the needs of irrigated crops using only the purest ingredients and blended to the highest standards for use in all irrigation types.

Pure-Mix offers a range of analysis to cater for all crops and all growing conditions and comes in two forms, standard and water tuned (acid), to optimise soil and growing media pH and nutrient availability.

The Pure-Mix range is extensive with multiple standard/acid analyses bespoke analyses upon request and trace element mixes. All are created without the need for help in dissolution and come without dye unless required.

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A unique water conditioner, acidifier and softener which is low hazard yet highly effective at reducing and stabilising the long-term pH of irrigation and spray tank water to directly affect soil and growing media pH

Reactor is a blend of multiple components, created specifically to be added to water solutions to aid rootzone nutrient availability.

Reactor can also help maximise the performance of foliar applied nutrients and agrochemicals in situations where spray water is not ideal.

Reactor contains a long chain polymer-based water softener, a sequestering agent to isolate cationic contaminants, buffering agents to improve tank mix compatibility, and complexed acidifiers to reduce pH and guard against pesticide hydrolysis.

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Bio-Chel Carbo+

A super concentrated plant carbon designed to provide and catalyse carbon sequestering and support optimal soil bioactivity.

Bio-Chel Carbo+ is a blend of modified organic acids derived from living lignin, a nature based and renewable raw material that is rich in carbon and plant sugars.

Bio-Chel Carbo+ also acidifies irrigation water, improves water penetration, helps free up bound nutrients in all soils and supports the growth and activity to soil microorganisms.

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Cypher is a 100% modified organic acid blend derived from plant active portions of lignin and leonhardite ore.

Cypher is a patented product designed to unlock soil and substrate potential especially in those which have lost momentum, become compacted or overloaded in bonded salts.

Cypher will optimise soil pH, debond ‘locked up nutrients’ to increase their availability to support crop growth. In substrates Cypher will reduce and maintain conductivity levels to provide optimal levels of nutrients for high performing crops.

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