MAS-Power Mg

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MAS-Power Mg

Leading the way in Foliar Magnesium

MAS-Power Mg (16%MgO) is a unique formulation designed for use as a premium foliar magnesium combined with Engage’s Mineral Assimilation System (MAS).

This advanced formulation maximises the penetration, distribution, and assimilation of magnesium by the plant. As magnesium is the central core of the chlorophyll molecule in plant tissue MAS-Power Mg will provide optimal to support photosynthesis and translocation of carbohydrates within the plant. it also supports the translocation of phosphorus around the plant.

MAS technology with MAS-Power Mg also aids plant health and reinforces crop stress tolerance.


  • To correct nutrient deficiency.
  • Aid the mobility of sugars in the plant.
  • Boost chlorophyll performance.
  • Support optimum fruit development.


  • The formulation maximises the efficacy of the spray by aiding the penetration, distribution, and assimilation of magnesium in the plant.
  • Ranked as the highest grade of magnesium manufactured for the agriculture and horticulture industry in Europe.

According to leading international plant nutritionists, MAS-Power Mg is the most efficient, in crop, magnesium foliar fertiliser.

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