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A high quality water soluble N:P:K, secondary and trace elements blends specifically created to meet the needs of irrigated crops using only the purest ingredients and blended to the highest standards for use in all irrigation types.

Pure-Mix offers a range of analysis to cater for all crops and all growing conditions and even comes in two forms standard and water tuned (acid) to optimise nutrient availability if required.

There are multiple standard and bespoke analysis available and trace element mixes.


  • To be irrigated as the total feeding requirements for irrigated crops.
  • To be irrigated as a feed which lowers pH in harder waters.
  • To provide the trace element requirements of crops.


  • The Pure-Mix range offers a wide range of analysis, specially formulated with essential trace elements for accurate nutrition of all crops fed using irrigation systems or by hand.
  • Pure-Mix is available in six different ratios and two trace element blends to suit every cropping situation and formulated to suit every growing media.
  • The range comes in two versions for both hard and soft water correction. The ‘Acid’ version will aid waters with a bicarbonate level up to 250mg/l by reducing the hardness allowing pH to drop to allow great nutrient availability.
  • In very soft waters (bicarbonate level 0-50 mg/l) the introduction of higher nitrate nitrogen feeds within Pure-Mix, improves calcium uptake and will boost cation exchange leading to better dry matter retention.
  • Low levels of ammoniacal nitrogen mean more sensitive species are less likely to stress, allowing stronger growth.
  • Pure-Mix fruit mixes contain boosted levels of magnesium and chelated trace elements to optimise yield and quality potential.
  • Pure-Mix is chloride and dye free. (Dye can be added on request).

Bespoke mixes are available on request.

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