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Cypher is a 100% modified organic acid blend derived from plant active portions of lignin and leonhardite ore.

Cypher is a patented product designed to unlock soil and substrate potential especially in those which have lost momentum, become compacted or overloaded in bonded salts.

Cypher will optimise soil pH, debond ‘locked up nutrients’ to increase their availability to support crop growth and in substrates, reduce and maintain conductivity levels to provide optimal levels of nutrients for high performing crops.


  • As an aid to manage soil pH.
  • To debond ‘locked up’ nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and sulphate to aid soil nutrient availability.
  • As a management aid for substrate to lower EC and prevent adverse ion build up from elements such as sodium, sulphate and chloride.
  • To optimise soil CEC levels.


  • Cypher is a modified organic acid blend which will when applied in a programme of soil applications, reduce overall soil pH within the rootzone.
  • Cypher’s unique formulation will slowly debond nutrients in soil to increase availability especially in ‘locked up’ nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and sulphur.
  • Cypher will increase natural organic acid interactions and will with regular use increase soil cation exchange capacity (CEC).
  • In substrates Cypher will debond nutrients and release adverse ions such as sodium, chloride and sulphate to reduce electro conductivity (EC) and optimise plant growth.
  • Cypher can be applied alone or can be applied with basic and acidic fertilisers.
  • Cypher can be irrigated to or sprayed over any growing substrate to aid nutrient availability and stimulate increased rootzone activity.

Cypher meets all the requirements of sustainable agriculture and offers farmers and growers a ‘natural’ way to improve rootzone health and productivity.

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