MAS-Power KS

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MAS-Power KS

Optimal stress free Potassium delivery.

MAS-Power KS is a unique formula of potassium and sulphur designed as a premium foliar potassium which is regarded as the ultimate source for foliar potassium delivery.

MAS-Power KS provides a superior potassium and sulphur foliar delivery system which addresses plant health and abiotic stresses as well as maximising the yield potential of the crop.

Being in thiosulphate form sulphur is delivered in far higher rates through the leaf when compared to elemental products.


  • To correct nutrient deficiency or imbalance of potassium
  • To correct nutrient deficiency or imbalance of sulphur
  • To boost foliar sulphur and potassium to optimise yield and quality in all crops


  • Supports nodule production in leguminous species
  • Supports fruit swell in all fruiting species
  • Supports conversion of nitrogen into protein for cereal species
  • Supports photosynthesis and carbohydrate formation
  • Aids cell turgor via stomata which supports the water loss stress process

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