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Foliar Correction

Foliar feeds were once thought as non-effective or just for supplementary support, however extensive research into leaf dynamics and nutrient acceptance has proven this to be wrong as, now more than ever, farmers and growers across the world rely on foliar feeds to support crop nutrition and health.

Scientists at Engage have developed multiple advanced techniques for the foliar feeding of plants with liquid nutrients directly to the leaves to stimulate high absorption and assimilation. All plants are able to absorb essential elements through their leaves via their stomata and also through their epidermal pores. Transport is normally faster through the stomata, however through 10 years of research and development, Engage has proven total absorption may be as great through the upper epidermis or even in hardier perennial crops through the cambium layer in their bark.

Engage work tirelessly in this area and after 10 years of research and development have developed one of the world’s most comprehensive foliar nutrient ranges designed not only to deliver individual nutrient support but also to support plant processes and always with optimal efficacy and health in mind.

The Engage Foliar Correction range covers every nutrient required by crops and each range comes with advanced nutrient acceptance technology to optimise performance to allow rates of application to be lower to ensure cost effectiveness.

Bio-Chel Ca

The worlds most concentrated calcium chelate is completely organically formulated from a sustainable, renewable resource and is 100% pure available calcium.

Being 100% calcium and organic means its acceptance by plants could not be higher so application efficacy is ensured. Also due to the strong organic chelation of Bio-Chel Ca is non-reactive making it ideal for application within all nutrient and foliar plant protection products. Bio-Chel also contains natural surface-active compounds which breakdown surface tension of water allowing even distribution across the leaf surface removing the need for adjuvants in sprays where Bio-Chel Ca is used.

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MAS-Power B+Mo

Optimal Boron delivery for all crops.

MAS-Power B+Mo is a unique formulation designed for use as a premium foliar boron combined with Engage’s Mineral Assimilation System (MAS).

The formulation maximises the efficacy of the spray by aiding the penetration, distribution and assimilation of the boron and molybdenum in the plant. MAS also aids plant health and reinforces stress tolerance to both abiotic and biotic stresses. Boron is most important during the flowering, fruiting and seed setting processes as it maintains a balance between sugar and starch within the plant and the fruiting bodies being created. It supports the translocation of sugar and carbohydrates around the plant and is essential during pollination and seed reproduction.

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The highest silicon delivery to secure growth, yield and quality.

Over the past 50 years the increased use of inorganic fertilisers has massively reduced soil biology to the point where available silicon levels are far too low to adequately support crop growth.

The need for silicon fertiliser was established however plants only take up one specific form of silicon which is silicic acid. Engage developed the use of a new form of stabilised silicic acid and this is Sion.

 At 21% Si, Sion is the most concentrated liquid silicon available in agriculture and delivers silicon at such high levels its use rate is only required 0.25-1.0L per hectare.

As a nutrient Sion can be used for foliar and irrigated application to increase the growth, health and strength of crops. Sion’s unique form of silicon is proven to strengthen all plants tissues to reduce susceptibility to any stress.

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MAS-Power Active Bud

Optimal support for early season bud growth.

A super concentrated blend of soluble nutrients and support compounds designed to provide optimal support during bud growth, flowering and early fruit development. MAS-Power Active Bud is a powerful blend of the highest quality nutrients, plant extracts and amino acids which is micronized to make it ideal made for foliar application from bud break to post flowering.

The high phosphate analysis is supported by a high level of magnesium to ensure optimal mobility once in the plant The micro element package has been created to provide the best balance for bud support up to and during the flowering and fruit setting process.

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MAS-Power Active Fruit

Optimal fruit support throughout the growing season.

MAS-Power Active Fruit is a high potassium foliar nutrient package designed specifically increases the number, size and quality of all fruits.

Using a unique package of specifically chosen elements and natural extracts, MAS-Power Active Fruit will also aid crop and plant quality, health and tolerance to abiotic stress factors. It contains the most readily leaf accepted form of potassium and generous levels of support compounds, phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids specifically aimed at supporting fruit development.

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MAS-Power Mn

Delivering Manganese at the highest level. MAS-Power Mn is a unique formulation designed for use as a premium foliar magnesium combined with Engage’sMineral Assimilation System (MAS).

This advanced formulation maximises the penetration, distribution, and assimilation of manganese by the plant.

Manganese is vitally important in the photosynthetic process. It supports the assimilation of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and aids in the synthesis of chlorophyll and in nitrate assimilation. As manganese is not readily translocated in the plant foliar support can often be the best choice for quick correction of a deficiency. Deficiency symptoms appear first on younger leaves. The most common symptoms on most plants are interveinal chlorosis and its effects on growth can be dramatic so ensuring manganese levels are optimal is essential.

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Bio-Chel Fe

Advanced organically chelated Iron, (liquid 5%)
Bio-Chel Fe Liquid is an advanced micronutrient solution, organically
chelated, to provide a new source of iron for both root and foliar application. Using the organic Bio-Chel chelation the ratio of soluble lignin to iron in Bio-Chel Fe Liquid has been optimised to ensure full stability and availability over a pH range of 2-9.
Unlike other chelated irons, Bio-Chel Fe Liquid contains natural surface-active polymers. This ensures even iron distribution over the leaf surface without the need for additional adjuvants. Another advantage to this is that the soluble Iron component remains hygroscopic. This helps keep the iron in a water-soluble form on the leaf so that it can diffuse and penetrate into the leaf even after the spray application has dried. Standard chelate spray solutions dry out in a low humidity environment while
Bio-Chel Fe Liquid remains moist and active for far longer.

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MAS-Power Mg

Leading the way in Foliar Magnesium.

MAS-Power Mg (16%MgO) is a unique formulation designed for use as a premium foliar magnesium combined with Engage’s
Mineral Assimilation System (MAS).

This advanced formulation maximises the penetration, distribution, and assimilation of magnesium by the plant. As magnesium is the central core of the chlorophyll molecule in plant tissue Mas Power Mg will provide optimal to support photosynthesis and translocation of carbohydrates within the plant. it also supports the translocation of phosphorus around the plant.

MAS technology with Mas Power Mg also aids plant health and reinforces crop stress tolerance.


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