Bio-Chel Ca Liquid

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Bio-Chel Ca Liquid

At Engage we think Bio-Chel Ca is the best foliar calcium in the world.

The worlds most concentrated calcium chelate is completely organically formulated from a sustainable, renewable resource and is 100% pure available calcium.

Being 100% calcium and organic means its acceptance by plants could not be higher so application efficacy is ensured. Also due to the strong organic chelation of Bio-Chel Ca is non-reactive making it ideal for application within all nutrient and foliar plant protection products.

Bio-Chel also contains natural surface-active compounds which breakdown surface tension of water allowing even distribution across the leaf surface removing the need for adjuvants in sprays where Bio-Chel Ca is used.


  • A foliar or root applied pure calcium source.
  • To correct calcium deficiency.
  • To prevent calcium related disorders.
  • To optimise support during calcium-based plant processes.
  • Reinforce cellular integrity to reduce crop stress.
  • Increase the storage potential of harvested crops.


  • As foliar calcium, Bio-Chel Ca will provide a calcium source which will penetrate the leaf at a much higher level due to the organic compounds and provides an anion free calcium which is unhindered in acceptance by plants.
  • Bio-Chel Ca contains natural surface-active polymers. This ensures even calcium distribution over the leaf surface without the need for additional adjuvants.
  • Bio-Chel Ca remains hygroscopic after application. This holds the calcium in a water-soluble form on the leaf so that it can diffuse and penetrate the leaf even after the spray application has dried. Protects against calcium related disorders.
  • Provides optimal calcium delivery to support all crops.
  • Supports cell structure to reduce susceptibility to pathogen ingress.
  • Eliminates leaf burn associated with high Ca foliar fertilisers.
  • Will improve the shelf and storage life of fruits and vegetables.

Provides optimal calcium support through period of peak demand.

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