Aqualatus Granular

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Aqualatus Granular

Aqualatus Granular a dry formulation of Aqualatus technology, specifically formulated for extensive open field crops where water retention is required however the use of intensive irrigation is not possible.

Applying Aqualatus Granular to soils will improve water and nutrient distribution and utilisation. It does this by delivering Aqualatus technology to the rootzone to increase moisture content therefore expanding the rhizosphere potential so larger, healthier root systems can develop to access greater levels of nutrients which result in quality/yield benefits.


  • Aqualatus Granular is containing the 83% active polymer soaked into an organic humate granular particles.
  • Formulated to increase moisture retention in open field soils from natural rainfall or irrigation.
  • Optimises the penetration, lateral movement and distribution of root applied nutrients.


  • Maximum uptake of water and irrigation efficiency.
  • Provides long term retention of water and nutrients to optimise quality and yield.
  • Creates an equilibrium of water to air with regular use.
  • Conservation of water – Studies show Aqualatus Granular can reduce irrigation water volume by up to 50% while maintaining yields equal to 100% water volume. This is vitally important in periods of low water availability and reduces irrigation energy costs. Less water equals less energy to move the water.

Importantly Aqualatus Granular applies high levels of carbon and organic acids and Aqualatus technology to soils and with regular use will reaggregate soils and increase cation exchange capacity to create optimal growing conditions for crops.

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