Bio-stimulatory support for crops has seen a rapid increase in the last three years, however, Engage have been leaders in the important sector since our inception in 2012. The bio-stimulant sector covers many types of products from growth stimulants, energy expenditure reducers and plant strength enhancers and stress reduction technologies to support crops through the seasons challenges, optimising specific plant processes.

At Engage, we believe we have one of the best ranges of bio-stimulant technologies and products available today and have developed market leading products which are sold all over the world. We have been instrumental in developing ground-breaking science around the use of new nutrient sources and in the creation of many bio-stimulant supported nutrient packages. Advanced knowledge of combining natural extracts with the purest inorganic nutrients is one of our strengths and the following range explores best technologies this sector has to offer.

Fortify Cu

Fortify Cu is one of the best anti-stress formulations available today and is a unique formulation of nitrogen, copper, phosphorus and bio activators.

The unique formula aids the foliar penetration, vascular transport and assimilation of copper to promote plant health during periods of biotic stress.

Fortify Cu utilises the blend of phosphorus and copper and halide ion sources, specifically to maintain the established yield of crops.

Fortify XD

One of the more recent additions to the Fortify Platform, Fortify XD marks a new era in Bio-fortification technology being a new polymeric chelate which uses selected trace elements and specific amino acids to reinforce cellular processes to strengthen cell integrity and to ‘limit susceptibility’ to damage from biotic stresses.

Within the processes supported by the addition of Fortify XD, the trace element are chelated in such a way that they are made available to create compounds which the cells of plants can use for maintaining strong cellular health to reduce the production of damaging compounds normally created by cells in response to periods of stress. The compounds created support strong cellular function and allow the applied crops to maintain vigour and growth which in turn results in the maintenance of yield and quality.


The highest silicon delivery to secure growth, yield and quality.

Over the past 50 years the increased use of inorganic fertilisers has massively reduced soil biology to the point where available silicon levels are far too low to adequately support crop growth.

The need for silicon fertiliser was established however plants only take up one specific form of silicon which is silicic acid. Engage developed the use of a new form of stabilised silicic acid and this is Sion.

 At 21% Si, Sion is the most concentrated liquid silicon available in agriculture and delivers silicon at such high levels its use rate is only required 0.25-1.0L per hectare.

As a nutrient Sion can be used for foliar and irrigated application to increase the growth, health and strength of crops. Sion’s unique form of silicon is proven to strengthen all plants tissues to reduce susceptibility to any stress.


Sentinel is a unique combination of Silicon and Salicylic acid, created to maximise the growth strength and health of crops.

Sentinel was originally created to increase the speed of plant tissue wound repair to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection from disease infection. However, its ability to deliver longer lasting foliar silicon delivery has seen its use grow across the world as a product to support the growth of foliar plant tissues. The levels of silicon and salicylic acid support the cellular and immune system to support the crop though all stress. It also delivers silicon at the highest level to support stronger growth and can be used during any stage of growth.


VerdeNT is a unique nitrogen and calcium formulation combined with Arm U Advanced and MAS Bio Package technologies specifically designed to manage crop structure to enhance yield and quality.

The nitrogen within VerdeNT is amide in form, slow released by the Arm U Advanced technology which for foliar use means the nitrogen is absorbed readily as amide which makes its use by the plant very different. Unlike nitrate nitrogen foliar fertiliser, VerdeNT does not stimulate auxin production which stretches internode length and diverts calcium away from developing fruiting bodies or storage organs. Growth is more compact and stronger with thicker stems and shorter internodes.  Calcium is used more efficiently to support cellular growth and stronger overall habit.

Fortify Maxx

New for 2022, Engage launched Fortify Maxx. Building on the success of their Fortify platform of market leading biostimulatory technologies such as Fortify Cu and Fortify XD, Fortify Maxx introduces a brand new technology, Phenophytes.

Fortify Maxx has been in development since early 2016 as Engage began the hunt for natural alternative stimulants to inorganic versions within their Fortify range, phosphite’s being one example, to support crops under oxidative stress. Fortify Maxx is a package of three chelated micronutrients and unique to Engage, plant extracts called ‘Phenophytes’taken from specific plant species naturally attuned to withstanding higher levels of abiotic and biotic stress. The nutritional/phenophyte package work together to increase the natural production of phenolic compounds from secondary pathways to significantly limit a plants susceptibility to stress of any kind.

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Enhance plants optimal delivery, uptake and assimilation by the growing crop

Vida Mare

Vida Mare

Concentrated seaweed extracts

MAS-Power Active Bud

MAS-Power Active Bud

Optimal support for early season bud growth

MAS-Power Active Frost

MAS-Power Active Frost

Advanced frost stress relief

MAS-Power Active Fruit

MAS-Power Active Fruit

Optimal fruit support throughout the growing season



Naturally elevates plants sugar levels

Fortify 30-20

Fortify 30-20

Stimulates increased vascular flow and greater rooting potential



Helps make crops less palatable to slugs and snails

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