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Growth stimulation has always been a cornerstone of the Engage Portfolio either via irrigated products or supplementary foliar feeds. Over the past 10 years the growth stimulation has expanded from pure, high quality, nutrient formulations to now encompass technologies and plant extracts to ensure nutrient packages are utilised by crops at the highest levels.

Research and scientific excellence has resulted in the development of new nutrient technologies to increase potential for growth. Nutrients are supported or manipulated to create specific types of growth or to produce, healthier crops that can hydrolyse higher yields and optimal quality crops.

Instead of just focusing on supporting overall growth Engage have even developed new ‘plant process’ specific packages to provide maximum support through the growth stages of bud break to fruit set, extension growth leaf canopy support and enhancing the harvest period and beyond to ensure perennial crops yield consistently every year.

The following range covers nutrient packages which are fully focused on stimulating growth at the highest rates.


A high quality water soluble N:P:K, secondary and trace elements blends specifically created to meet the needs of irrigated crops using only the purest ingredients and blended to the highest standards for use in all irrigation types.

Pure-Mix offers a range of analysis to cater for all crops and all growing conditions and  comes in two forms, standard and water tuned (acid), to optimise soil and growing media pH and nutrient availability.

The Pure-Mix range is extensive with multiple standard/acid analyses bespoke analyses upon request and trace element mixes. All are created without the need for help in dissolution and come without dye unless required.

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Engage Brix-Builder is a combination of naturally occurring bio-stimulant materials rich in alginates, organic chelating agents, sugars, amino acids, polypeptides, vitamins and naturally occurring cytokinin.

Brix-Builder supports the developmental stages of crop growth by providing and catalysing carbohydrate production in all crops.

It is proven to increase fruit and flower number and will lift brix levels when used during fruit development.

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The highest silicon delivery to secure growth, yield and quality.

Over the past 50 years the increased use of inorganic fertilisers has massively reduced soil biology to the point where available silicon levels are far too low to adequately support crop growth.

The need for silicon fertiliser was established however plants only take up one specific form of silicon which is silicic acid. Engage developed the use of a new form of stabilised silicic acid and this is Sion.

 At 21% Si, Sion is the most concentrated liquid silicon available in agriculture and delivers silicon at such high levels its use rate is only required 0.25-1.0L per hectare.

As a nutrient Sion can be used for foliar and irrigated application to increase the growth, health and strength of crops. Sion’s unique form of silicon is proven to strengthen all plants tissues to reduce susceptibility to any stress.

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VerdeNT is a unique nitrogen and calcium formulation combined with Arm U Advanced and MAS Bio Package technologies specifically designed to manage crop structure to enhance yield and quality.

The nitrogen within VerdeNT is amide in form, slow released by the Arm U Advanced technology which for foliar use means the nitrogen is absorbed readily as amide which makes its use by the plant very different. Unlike nitrate nitrogen foliar fertiliser, VerdeNT does not stimulate auxin production which stretches internode length and diverts calcium away from developing fruiting bodies or storage organs. Growth is more compact and stronger with thicker stems and shorter internodes.  Calcium is used more efficiently to support cellular growth and stronger overall habit.

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MAS-Power Active Grow

Taking the stress out of foliar applications.

All crops benefit from nutrient support especially when under abiotic (environmental) or biotic (pest, disease or even pesticide) stress. MAS-Power Active Grow is designed to meet exactly that need.

Active Grow contains generous levels of major and micro-nutrients together with a Bio Pack which supports plant health, increases nutrient efficiency, and aids crops during periods of stress no matter what the cause.

Active Grow is the perfect accompaniment to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides within a tank mix or for use on its own as a total balanced feed for all crops.

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MAS-Power Active Bud

Optimal support for early season bud growth. A super concentrated blend of soluble nutrients and support compounds designed to provide optimal support during bud growth, flowering and early fruit development. MAS-Power Active Bud is a powerful blend of the highest quality nutrients, plant extracts and amino acids which is micronized to make it ideal for foliar application from bud break to post flowering.

The high phosphate analysis is supported by a high level of magnesium to ensure optimal mobility once in the plant The micro element package has been created to provide the best balance for bud support up to and during the flowering and fruit setting process.

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MAS-Power Active Fruit

Optimal fruit support throughout the growing season.

MAS-Power Active Fruit is a high potassium foliar nutrient package designed specifically to increase the number, size and quality of all fruits.

Using a unique package of specifically chosen elements and natural extracts, MAS-Power Active Fruit will also aid crop and plant quality, health and tolerance to abiotic stress factors. It contains the most readily leaf accepted form of potassium and generous levels of support compounds, phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids specifically aimed at supporting fruit development.

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