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Since 2012 Engage have been working with partners around the world to find the key technologies that help nutritional absorption of roots or penetration through the leaf surface.

In-depth global research involving more than 2,000 compounds has become MAS-AS technology, adapted to match nutrients to enhance their optimal delivery, uptake and assimilation by the growing crop and also help to strengthen the defences of plants against abiotic stress.

MAS-AS is a unique liquid combination of bioactive molecules. These proprietary molecules contain many active sites stimulating the synthesis of enzymes and hormones by plants to develop stronger and healthier crops.


  • To optimise the penetration of foliar applied nutrients.
  • To increase the speed of assimilation of leaf applied nutrients by plants.
  • To minimise the effects of chemical stress on crops.
  • To reduce the susceptibility of crops to damage from oxidative stress.


  • Stronger more active root growth
  • Bio-active molecules in MAS-AS stimulate the indole butyric (IBA) pathway generating higher levels of IBA in tissues which results in better root growth and development.
  • MAS-AS stimulates the synthesis of zeatin, a cytokinin which promotes the growth of shoots.
  • MAS-AS treated plants are able to maintain better growth under drought conditions.
  • Nutrient distribution properties and increased penetration of the leaf and roots enhanced uptake of foliar nutrients tested up to 30%.
  • Synergistic effects with other applied nutrients and agrochemicals.
  • Proven to increase chlorophyll content in plant tissues (research CFIA).
  • Reduced susceptibility to both abiotic and biotic stresses.
  • Reduction of stress caused by pesticide applications.
  • Proven to keep plants growing when infected by virus.

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