MAS-Power Active Bud

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MAS-Power Active Bud

Optimal support for early season bud growth.

A super concentrated blend of soluble nutrients and support compounds designed to provide optimal support during early bud growth, flowering and early fruit development. MAS-Power Active Bud is a powerful blend of the highest quality nutrients, plant extracts and amino acids which is micronized to make it ideal for foliar application from bud break to post flowering.

The high phosphate analysis is supported by a high level of magnesium to ensure optimal mobility once in the plant The micro element package has been created to provide the best balance for bud support up to and during the flowering and fruit setting process.


  • As a total feed during the period from early bud, flowering, fruit setting and early fruit development.
  • To provide a bio support pack to reduce the energy expenditure from early growth to optimise bud potential.


  • Active Bud removes the need for multi-product sprays as it contains all nutrients that plants will need during the early season.
  • Active Bud comes with a unique supportive bio package to ensure optimal penetration and assimilation of the nutrients.
  • It is pH adjusted to ensure the greatest availability of nutrients and to manipulate leaf structure to allow for higher nutrient use.
  • Active Bud aids the plant in creating supportive compounds to maximise bud performance.

Active Bud is highly compatible and will mix with all known plant protection products.

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