MAS-Power Active Grow

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MAS-Power Active Grow

Taking the stress out of foliar applications

All crops benefit from nutrient support especially when under abiotic (environmental) or biotic (pest, disease or even pesticide) stress. MAS-Power Active Grow is designed to meet exactly that need.

Active Grow contains generous levels of major and micro-nutrients together with a Bio Pack which supports plant health, increases nutrient efficiency, and aids crops during periods of stress no matter what the cause.

Active Grow is the perfect accompaniment to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides within a tank mix or for use on its own as a total balanced feed for all crops.


  • To be applied with plant protection products to aid leaf penetration and to reduce the stress of the chemistry applied.
  • For use as a regular foliar feed to keep leaf quality high and to reduce stress.


  • Active Grow will stimulate the leaf to increase penetration of foliar applied products.
  • Active Grow has a beneficial effect on the efficacy of translaminar and systemic plant protection products.
  • Active Grow will act as a safener for applications of pesticides and other foliar products within a tank mix.
  • It reduces the stress impact of plant protection or multi product tank mix applications and speeds the recovery from a stressful application to minimise impact on yield or quality.
  • Active Grow can be used on any crop in any growing situation and comes with a proven track record of use throughout Europe.

Active Grow is highly compatible and will mix with all known plant protection products.

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