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Opti-Cal is a foliar calcium delivery product which moves late season calcium in a completely new direction.

Opti-Cal uses a collection of technical advancements to deliver a foliar calcium that works on the leaf like no other calcium fertiliser.

Opti-Cal contains a unique MAS calcium package plus the natural organic chemistry of its Bio-Chel Ca chelation; these synergistically work together to optimise leaf acceptance of calcium at any stage of the season. Opti-Cal is ideal for use in later season application when greater acceptance in older leaves and mature fruits is required.

It is also ideal for stress reduction later season as it responds to the signalling from cells for greater calcium as it becomes depleted through stress.


  • A foliar applied pure calcium source designed for application throughout the season.
  • To correct calcium deficiency.
  • To prevent calcium related disorders.
  • To optimise support during calcium-based plant processes.
  • Reinforce cellular integrity to reduce crop stress.
  • Increase the storage potential of harvested crops from late season applications.


  • Opti-Cal liquid is the ideal foliar calcium as it provides a superior calcium source that is bio available, highly efficacious and safe on crop.
  • The chelation in Opti-Cal keeps the calcium available for the leaf to use and in a form, it can accept in higher levels.
  • The unique collection of technologies within Opti-Cal stimulate higher leaf acceptance of calcium to correct deficiency, reduce calcium disorders and boost crop performance.
  • Within the technology package there are natural plant extracts which work in synergy with enzymatic processes and intracellular proteins to stimulate calcium acceptance into plant tissues at higher levels.
  • For leaf application Opti-Cal provides a source of calcium which is free of anion components such as nitrates or chlorides so is accepted by the leaf without stimulating another growth response or creating stress.

Opti-Cal is cost effective and will tank mix with pesticides, PGR’s and nutrient products even those containing phosphates and sulphates.

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