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This huge sector of horticulture cover a vast amount of enviromental conditions, grass types and growing practices.

Every continent which supports growth has grass surfaces so applications are very varied when it comes to plant support and nutriton.

From Sports and Amenity turf production and high quality fine sportsturf focused maintenance to outfield playing surface support, large landscaped areas and even back garden and yards, this sector creates many different challenges expecially when there are no fixed grass species for a specific use.

Climate and water scarcity play a high part in grass specie choice as does the underlying growing medium from cooler loam soils, desert sand and even specifically created rootzones for the highest quality surfaces.

Engage have worked over the last 10+ years to develop our tecnologies for this sector and the following products are chosen as they will supprt all grass species no matter where they are or what they are grown on.


Fine Turf Foliar Programme
Outfield Foliar Programme

Products for Sports & Amenity Turf


is the most advanced soil surfactant formulation of four soil applied liquid polymers with outstanding qualities to benefit soils and sportsturf rootzones across the world so save water and optimise grass nutrition. Its formula, unique to Engage, supports the maximum distribution of root applied nutrients to aid root functions and nutrient uptake.

Most importantly regular use of Aqualatus removes water runoff, suface evaporation and will slow the natural gravitational movement of water and nutrients including nitrates. These amazing qualities reduce the overall requirement of water and nutrients for all grass surfaces. Proven in over 10 years of independent trials and commercial sales across the world, Aqualtus water and nutrient reduction has be been consistently 40-50% whilst maintaining optimal grass development, rootzone structure and nutrient distribution.

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Fortify Cu

Fortify Cu (7-16-0+1.5% Cu) is a unique formulation of nitrogen, phosphorus, copper and halide ions which complement each other to support grass growth, grass health and reduce blade loss through stress factors. With programmed application, Fortify Cu will aid vascular flow, support root growth and maximise copper transport within all grass species. Fortify Cu will support and maintain established growth and limit susceptibility to grass disease infections such as anthracnose, take all, dollar sport and and many others.

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Bio-Chel Ca

One of the worlds most concentrated calcium chelate liquids, Bio-Chel Ca 10% CaO) is organically formulated from a sustainable, renewable resource and is 100% available calcium. Being pure calcium and organically chelated means calcium acceptance by grass species could not be higher, so efficacy is assured.

The strong organic chelation within Bio-Chel Ca is important as it makes the product non-reactive and therefore ideal for application within all nutrient and foliar plant protection sprays. Used regularly Bio-Chel Ca will optimise blade growth and strenth and will deliver optimal levels of calcium to developing leaf blades to ensure stronger playing surfaces with no calcium related disorders.

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The overuse of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides has massively reduced soil and rootzone biology to the point where the need for silicon nutrition has been established. Sportsturf and Amenity only take up one specific form of silicon which is silicic acid. To address this Engage developed Sion.

At 21% Silicon, Sion is highest available liquid siliconin the world and delivers silicon at such high levels its use rate is only required 0.25-1.0L per hectare. In grass species using Sion regularly will support the optimal growth to strengthen all plant tissues to reduce susceptibility to any stress and reduce susceptability from pathogen infection, and reduce damage from insect predation. Most importantly it works in conjunction with calcium to ensure cellular strength is optimal to protect against regular mechanical stress.

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VerdeNT is a unique nitrogen and calcium formulation combined with Arm U advanced, seaweed and MAS technologies specifically designed deliver long term nitrogen along with supported healthy growth. The nitrogen within VerdeNT is ‘locked’ in amine form and slow released which for foliar use means its use by grasses is very different.

Unlike nitrate nitrogen foliar fertiliser, VerdeNT does not stimulate auxin production which promotes longer, weaker leaf baldes. Growth habit with VerdeNT is more compact and stronger and removes the requirement for growth regulators and ensures continued organic compound support to build stronger grass surfaces.

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MAS-Power Foliars

MAS-Power Foliars’ are unique nutrient formulations, containing both trace elements and Engage’s MAS technology designed to rapidly address specific nutrient requirements and stresses during critical growth stages of growth.

MAS-Power Foliars’ maximise foliar nutrient uptake and assimilation to allow application rates to be lower yet just as effective. MAS technology also improves the metabolism of the tree and will promote overall sward health and vigour. Each element within the Mas Power Foliar range has a support pack designed to aid penetration, distribution and assimilation to ensure nutrient efficacy is always at its highest.

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Cypher is a modified organic acid blend derived from plant active portions of lignin and leonhardite ore. It comprises of 100% organic acids which unlock nutrient potential for increased grass growth and health. Cypher is designed to condition soils which have become compacted, overloaded in bonded salts or have a higher than optimal pH.

Regular use of Cypher will help maintain aggregate stability, optimise pH and active soil microflora and will debond ‘locked up’ nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus and sulphur to ensure grasses can uptake important elements at higher levels.

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Sentinel is a 10% advanced foliar Silicon is based upon the delivery of mono-silicic and salicylic acid to grass blade tissues. Silicic acid is the only form of silicon grasses will accept and its affects are highly beneficial to both grass growth and strength. Once applied, Sentinel is used by the grasses to support superior growth and helps to build strong resilient cells which act as a physical barrier for the crop to reduce both susceptibility to damage from disease infection and predation from insect pests.

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Bio-Chel Fe Liquid

Bio-Chel Fe Liquid (5%Fe) is an advanced micronutrient solution, organically chelated, to provide an highly effective iron for both root and foliar application. Using Bio-Chel chelation, the ratio of soluble lignin to iron in Bio-Chel Fe Liquid has been optimised to ensure full stability and availability over a pH range of 2-9.

Unlike other chelated irons, Bio-Chel Fe Liquid contains natural surface active polymers. This ensures even iron distribution over the leaf bladesurface without the need for additional adjuvants. Another advantage to this is that the soluble Iron component remains hygroscopic. This helps keep the iron water soluble so that it can diffuse and penetrate into the leaf even after the spray application has dried.

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