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A large part of the Engage business is focused on high performing, high input crops both outdoors and under protection. In all these high performance crops the use of irrigation and fertigation is essential.

So at Engage we have created a range of powerful liquid nutrient technologies which can be irrigated to maximise crop performance. From full nutrient packages to individual nutrient delivery and stress support, Engage’s liquid range is aimed at providing optimal support for the highest quality crops.

Bio-Chel Ca

At Engage we think Bio-Chel Ca (10% CaO ) is the best liquid calcium currently available. 

The worlds most concentrated calcium chelate is completely organically formulated from a sustainable, renewable resource and is 100% pure available calcium.

Being 100% calcium and organic means its acceptance by plants could not be higher so application efficacy is ensured. 

Bio-Chel Ca is ideal to run alongside other calcium sources to optimise calcium levels in high value crops such as tomatoes, berries and cucurbits and is completely available to support the oxidative stress process to replenish calcium lost from cell walls due to stress. Bio-Chel Ca is taken up by roots at the highest levels and due to the strong chelation is ideal for mixing into stock tanks with other nutrients without fear of reaction.

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Bio-Chel Fe

Advanced organically chelated Iron, (liquid 5%).

Bio-Chel Fe Liquid is an advanced micronutrient solution, organically chelated, to provide a new source of iron for both root and foliar application.

Using the organic Bio-Chel chelation the ratio of soluble lignin to iron in Bio-Chel Fe Liquid has been optimised to ensure full stability and availability to roots over a pH range of 2-9. This allows its use in any irrigation system and any crop where iron is required at higher level.

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Fortify 30-20

An advanced zero nitrogen potassium phosphite designed for use in all fruit and vegetable crops to provide potassium and phosphorus as a highly transported (PO3) phosphite instead of normal phosphate. This stimulates increased vascular flow and greater rooting potential for greater, stronger growth.

The potassium phosphite in Fortify 30-20 also stimulates secondary nutrient pathways to increase energy output by the plant to increase growth potential and to support crop health in reducing susceptibility to pathogenic stress, especially in roots. Fortify 30-20 is created without the need for ammonia stabilisation making it ideal for use as an irrigated fertiliser for ammonia sensitive species such as strawberries.

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The highest silicon delivery to secure growth, yield and quality.

Over the past 50 years the increased use of inorganic fertilisers has massively reduced soil biology to the point where available silicon levels are far too low to adequately support crop growth.

The need for silicon fertiliser was established however plants only take up one specific form of silicon which is silicic acid. Engage developed the use of a new form of stabilised silicic acid and this is Sion.

 At 21% Si, Sion is the most concentrated liquid silicon available in agriculture and delivers silicon at such high levels its use rate is only required 0.25-1.0L per hectare.

As a nutrient Sion can be used for foliar and irrigated application to increase the growth, health and strength of crops. Sion’s unique form of silicon is proven to strengthen all plants tissues to reduce susceptibility to any stress.

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VerdeNT is a unique nitrogen and calcium formulation combined with Arm U Advanced and MAS Bio Package technologies specifically designed to manage crop structure to enhance yield and quality.

The nitrogen within VerdeNT is amide in form, slow released by the Arm U Advanced technology which for foliar use means the nitrogen is absorbed readily as amide which makes its use by the plant very different. Unlike nitrate nitrogen foliar fertiliser, VerdeNT does not stimulate auxin production which stretches internode length and diverts calcium away from developing fruiting bodies or storage organs. Growth is more compact and stronger with thicker stems and shorter internodes.  Calcium is used more efficiently to support cellular growth and stronger overall habit.

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CS1 Seaweed Extract

100% Concentrated Seaweed Extract.

CS1 is a blend of specially chosen concentrated seaweed extracts to give optimal support to fruiting and flowering crops.

CS1 is a blend of phytohormone rich seaweed species taken from different locations across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and blended together to optimise the levels of natural occurring amino acids, vitamins and phytohormones. It is a conctrated liquid seaweed is produced using ‘Cold Cell Burst Method’ to retain all the natural attributes of the seaweeds.

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