Bio-Chel Carbo+

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Bio-Chel Carbo+

A super concentrated plant carbon designed to provide and catalyse carbon sequestering and support optimal soil bioactivity.

Bio-Chel Carbo+ is a blend of modified organic acids derived from living lignin, a nature-based and renewable raw material that is rich in carbon and sugars.

Bio-Chel Carbo+ acidifies irrigation water, improves water penetration, helps free up bound nutrients in all soils and supports the growth and activity to soil microorganisms.


  • To provide essential carbon to soils to support healthy bioactivity.
  • To lower pH of both soil and irrigation water organically.
  • To increase CEC (cation exchange capacity) in soils.


  • Bio-Chel Carbo+ naturally acidifies irrigated or sprayed water to help maintain soil pH, reduce soil alkalinity and improve water penetration into the soil.
  • Bio-Chel Carbo+ slowly dissolves bicarbonates normally present in the soil and irrigation water, freeing calcium to build a healthy soil structure and prevent soil capping.
  • Bio-Chel Carbo+ is high in carbon (25%+) so will support soil carbon levels and act as a catalyst to increased carbon sequestering.
  • Bio-Chel Carbo+ reduces the incidence of localised dry spots and improves water percolation and distribution to maintain uniform soil moisture, especially under irrigation and will reduce irrigation requirement with regular use.

Bio-Chel Carbo+ improves the efficiency of applied fertilisers by solubilising nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium and sodium tied up in in soils, reducing build-up of minerals in the soil leading to increased growth parameters.

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