El Fontanar, Santaella- Cordoba, Spain


Integrate was applied via central pivot irrigation system at an initial rate of 2.0 litres per Ha on 9 December, 2014. A second application of 1.0 litres per ha was made on 1 January, 2015.


  1. Irrigation volume reduced by over 33% reducing cost of water and nutrients along with cost of application.
  2. The root mass on the treated onions was larger and resulted in larger onions with greater weight.
  3. Uniformity of onions was dramatically increased across the treated area which led to greater quality overall with easier packing.
  4. Integrate managed the moisture level of the soil which resulted in less compaction so the onions were easier to lift which led to greater marketable yield.


The results illustrate that with the use of Integrate, onion uniformity was increased. The photo to the right shows the difference noted.

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