New for 2021 – Aqualatus Ca Optimises Coir Slab Wet Up


New for 2021 from Engage is a new water additive technology, Aqualatus Ca™. The new technology comes from the Aqualatus/Integrate stable of surfactants but unlike its predecessors it is specifically aimed at rapid coir hydration and expansion, salt leaching and optimisation of nutritional exchange sites through the substrate hydration process.

Aqualatus Ca makes the most of the unique technologies used to make Aqualatus/Integrate. Aqualatus Ca comes with four separate polymers and wetters which rapidly hydrate and expand coir, eight times faster than water alone. This rapid expansion allows for the leaching process to be achieved more successfully and most importantly, predominately before planting, so root growth in the newly planted coir is less inhibited.

Aqualatus Ca has the following benefits:

  • Optimises the hydration process of coir to increase water penetration and coir expansion.
  • Water penetration and expansion of coir slabs at up to eight times the normal speed.
  • Initiates and accelerates the leaching of high salts naturally present in new coir slabs.
  • Creates equilibrium in all growing media to aid moisture and nutrient distribution throughout the season.
  • Regular 4- 6 weekly application of Aqualatus Ca throughout the season supports optimal water and nutrient balance, whilst ameliorating the potential for adverse ion build up.

Aqualatus Ca was developed following very positive trials in Sri Lanka which were progressed over a three year period. Initial trials concentrated on incorporating Aqualatus directly onto coir in the production process to allow growers to benefit from the technology; however it became clear that Aqualatus Ca completely changes the physicality of the coir, so that it is no longer a hydrophobic medium.

The addition of 8% calcium in Aqualatus Ca is present to support and accelerate the coir leaching process. Within any growing media there are exchange sites where nutrient cations are bonded to the media itself. The majority of coir slab exchange sites are tied up with sodium and potassium which is naturally present. These ions are not strongly bonded and will readily be replaced by calcium. Early applications of calcium will be tied up during the exchange capacity process taking out sodium and potassium so the addition of Aqualatus Ca will accelerate this important process.

Aqualatus Ca is ideal for growers who wish to begin the hydration the coir process early in 2021.

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