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For over 10 years Engage have been at the forefront of ‘Regenerative’ nutrition and in the case of many of their technologies, it could be said, ahead of market requirement.


They have been developing nutritional technologies to advance the regenerative philosophy long before the term was even invented and the company has seen their fortunes change dramatically as the market has moved towards a more chemical free, soil and plant health orientated focus.

Crop technologies developed to ameliorate issues in other parts of the world where crop stress has been a serious issue for many years are now seeing their use in the UK. Primarily the use of Engage technologies has been in the higher input crops of horticulture however agriculture is now firmly in their sights as it faces unprecedented challenges moving forward.

Focus on Solutions to Challenges


Focus for Engage will be on solutions for farmers rather than just products and this focus will be on three main areas:

The first is Nitrogen Use Efficiency. This buzz phrase has been around for a few years now, however, farmer and grower adoption to it has been limited due to current rotational practice.

In light of the rapidly rising prices for nitrogen fertilisers, Nitrogen Use Efficiency has never been so important. Not only will it optimise crop growth parameters and increase crop return but as of this year it will actually save farmers and growers huge savings in the cost of fertiliser.

Engage have worked on Nitrogen use efficiency across the world for many year and have proven they can take nitrogen use efficiency from the current 25-30% to as high as 90% which means overall nitrogen applications can be far more efficacious even at lower application rates.

Green field of potato crops in a row

The second area of focus is ‘Increasing Soil Health’. Soil health and carbon sequestering is now at the top of the agricultural agenda, especially as the future farm payments will be based on more environmental parameters. Engage have proven developed technologies to optimise soil health and carbon sequestering to maximise farmers green credentials without having to massively change current farming practice. The long term benefit to farmers by investing in their soils will not only see them take advantage of higher returns in crops and more effective nutrient use but also increased payments to farm.

The third area of focus will be ‘Reducing Reliance on Traditional Chemistry’ and agrochemical practice by optimising soil and crop health to limit susceptibility to infection by diseases and predation from harmful pests. Pressure on agrochemical active ingredients has never been higher as supermarkets and consumers demand produce ‘free from’ pesticides. Engage is a leader in developing strategies and technologies to aid farmers and growers reduce reliance on traditional chemistry and look forward to discussing how this practice can be adopted.

Our knowledge and expertise of agronomic science helps address agricultural issues through improved agronomic practice and access to cutting edge technologies. Engage offers on-going advice and support to ensure that the provision of quality agricultural inputs address the crop requirements of the grower. We strive to add value through addressing crop problems and offering solutions to enhance crops to optimise financial performance and secure return on investment.

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