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Engage-pH-Testing-sqAt Engage we understand the correct solution to your crop problem today can be turned into the profits of tomorrow. That is why our specialist nutritional agronomists work with many of the top performing growers/distributors in the UK and Europe.

Our technical team are nutritional specialists with in-depth knowledge of crop enhancement and nutritional products which comply with the ethos of sustainable agriculture. Agriculture is now refocusing away from traditional chemical inputs due to increased regulatory pressure and market demand, therefore, correct advice is essential.
UK food groups know that increased production of UK grown crops is key to long term food security and stability, so our agronomists offer the latest advice on the most up to date techniques and technologies to maximise soil and crop health to ensure consistent optimal marketable yield and quality.
To assist the change to more ecologically sound practice, our agronomists have a collective experience of over ninety years, which covers soil and foliar nutrition, micronutrient nutrition and health optimisation, covering all nutrient and bio-stimulatory inputs.
For your needs, your problems, your profitability, long term crop health, Engage has a wealth of agricultural knowledge which ensures first class technical support to your team.
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Mark Horner, Agronomy Expertise:

  • Mark HornerFully qualified BASIS and FACTS advisor for with over 30 years of nutritional agronomy experience.
  • Strong biochemistry background facilitating the formulation and development of many leading nutritional products sold across the world today.
  • Extensive knowledge in the nutrition of fruit crops, salad and tropical fruits and nut crops.
  • Expertise in the growing of tomatoes, berry plants, tropical fruits and ornamental plants.
Specialist areas include:
  • Provides detailed nutritional programmes to ensure consistency in yield and the highest quality crops thereby maximising crop value.
  • The development of a unique toolkit of nutritional products for customers to achieve optimal crop health and growth in order to improve quality and yield.
  • Advising on all aspects of fruit and ornamental crop nutrition from soil and growing media to advanced foliar support across Europe.  |  07502 300477

Our knowledge and expertise of agronomic science helps address agricultural issues through improved agronomic practice and access to cutting edge technologies. Engage offers on-going advice and support to ensure that the provision of quality agricultural inputs address the crop requirements of the grower. We strive to add value through addressing crop problems and offering solutions to enhance crops to optimise financial performance and secure return on investment.

For further information:
Engage Crop Solutions Ltd
Mark Horner, Commercial Director
Tel: + 44 (0) 7502 300477

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