New Advances with Sion Silicon technology


Since its launch in 2016 Sion has developed into the leading Silicon technology across Europe and has gained a loyal following across the fruit and vegetable sectors. Sion is now synonymous with the soft fruit industry in the UK and with berry growers as far as Guatemala and South Korea.

For 2021 there is exciting news
The formulation of Sion has now been concentrated to increase the available silicon level from 19% to 21%. Also due to new stabilisation capabilities, Sion will be available in a 5 litre container for the first time and will be significantly more cost effective in use.


Trials Advancements
The original trials work with Stabilised Silicic Acid was conducted by Hertfordshire University by Dr Avice Hall and her team who proved:

  • Silicon is used by berry crops to reinforce cellular integrity.
  • More available silicon in strawberry crops increases plant hair production.
  • Silicon is used by strawberries to thicken and strengthen cuticle tissues around the plant and produces structures on the leaf surface called phytoliths.
  • The use of silicon reduces the susceptibility to strawberry powdery mildew when regularly used as a nutrient via fertigation or via foliar application.
  • Silicon promotes cuticle thickening and strengthening, plus increased hair production reduces the potential for invertebrate attack with regular use.

Engage has now developed commercial use rates for many crops and advanced the technology further focusing on other growth benefits that silicon brings to fruit and vegetables across Europe. Over the past five years trials have highlighted to following benefits:

  • Sion will support the development and strength of cells. Once a plant absorbs the silicon in Sion, it is permanently deposited into cell walls within a matter of hours forming a stronger silica-cellulose framework thereby enabling the plant to develop faster.
  • Plants with more silicon become stronger with thicker stems and branches enabling them to support more leaf, flower and fruit which in turn facilitate an increase in the yielding potential of all crops. This is vitally important with fruiting crops as Sion will prevent ‘kinking’ in fruit trusses which can lead to smaller fruit.
  • Sion increases the speed at which growth can be created thereby increasing overall growth potential of the plant as well as maintaining cell integrity and plant strength.
  • Increasing the uptake and absorption of other nutrient activity. Sion increases zinc, nitrogen and phosphorus uptake and when applying Sion there is a corresponding increase of nutrient flow into crops.
  • Sion alleviates abiotic and biotic stresses in all fruit and vegetable species by reinforcing leaf cuticle and other epidermal tissues. This natural reinforcement of tissues results in a significant reduction in crop susceptibility to pathogenic pressure and insect predation.

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