CS1 Seaweed Extract

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CS1 Seaweed Extract

CS1 is a blend of specially chosen concentrated seaweed extracts to give optimal support to all crops.

Super Concentrated Blend Seaweed Extract


  • CS1 is a blend of concentrated seaweed extracts designed to give support to crops via irrigation or by foliar application.
  • CS1 is a blend of phytohormone rich seaweed species taken from different locations across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and blended together to optimise the levels of natural occurring amino acids, vitamins and phytohormones.
  • CS1 conctrated liquid seaweed is produced using ‘Cold Cell Burst Method’ to retain all the natural attributes of the seaweeds.


  • Natural auxin, cytokinin and gibberellin rich seaweeds that promote larger leaves, greater fruit set and larger fruits with regular use.
  • CS1 stimulates root growth.
  • The natural compounds in CS1 help crops manage and recover from abiotic and biotic stress factors and to produce strong resilient cells.
  • 100% plant available.
  • 100% sustainable and organic.
  • Lower pH of 4.5 allows for optimal tank mix ability and aids foliar penetration and efficacy.

Recommended Crops


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