Engage help tackle North Africa’s Water Crisis

Engage Crop Solutions were mentioned on Hibazoom, a prominent Morocco-based media outlet, about our Aqualatus water technology, which promises to revolutionise water management for farmers across the North African region. By optimizing irrigation practices and enhancing crop resilience, our latest offering is set to significantly reduce water usage while maintaining high agricultural productivity.

This initiative comes at a crucial time as North Africa faces increasing water scarcity, threatening food security and livelihoods. Through advanced technology and sustainable practices, Engage are poised to make a substantial impact on the region’s agricultural landscape.

Posted on July 1, 2024:

New Agricultural Technology to help tackle North Africa’s Water Crisis

With the drought in recent years that has caused enormous challenges for farmers across North Africa, a Moroccan agrochemical company is bringing in innovative and scientifically proven technology, reducing water use in agriculture by 50%.

The technology, called Aqualatus, enables farmers to save up to 50% of water, electricity and fertilizer use while increasing crop productivity.

Morocco-based ARZAK ST is working with British company Engage Crop Solutions, which has developed Aqualatus technology, to bring this technology to North Africa to ensure that farmers can feed the continent amid increasing droughts.

Mohamed Zwini, founder of ARZAK ST, says: “The water situation in Morocco, like the majority of the Mediterranean region, has become critical due to the continued drought emergency.

“The government is investing in desalination plants in an effort to resolve the crisis. However, it is essential that we find new solutions that enable farmers to reduce water use while they continue to grow the crops we need profitably.

Aqualatus technology, which is a unique technology for Engage Crop Solutions, is added to irrigation systems and is an advanced blend of liquid triblock copolymers that contain billions of microstructures that adhere to soil molecules, slow down the movement of water with gravity and enhances lateral movement, increasing the soil’s ability to retain moisture and improve soil quality.

Surface flow is almost eliminated and evaporation is almost completely eliminated and the gravity movement is significantly slowed down. Reducing this natural water loss allows irrigation to be reduced as the soil becomes more water-retaining.

The Aqualatus technology has undergone ten years of experiments around the world and is completely environmentally safe, completely degrading in the soil after being used.

They are successfully used by farmers across the Middle East, southern Europe and Latin America. ARZAK ST is working on introducing this technology throughout Morocco and will then work with farmers in the countries of Tunisia, Guinea, Senegal, Mali and Ivory Coast.

One of Spain’s farmers, Alfredo Garcia, a supplier to the CASI group, Europe’s largest tomato growing group, says Aqualatus technology enables agriculture in hot climates.

Some farmers report savings of up to 65% in water use while seeing increases in productivity, and experience with Dubai Municipality has shown that the city can save up to 152 million euros (1 billion and 152 million dirhams) per year when Aqualatus is used in green space irrigation systems.

Mohamed adds:

Mark Horner, founding director of Engage Crop Solutions, adds: “Aqualatus technology enables agriculture in hot climates. It’s a proven technology that saves thousands of dollars to farmers and increases their profits and, perhaps most importantly, their sustainability.”

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