Integrate, there’s only one! Don’t settle for less!

For all our Spanish speaking colleagues please watch the wonderful Inma Martinez talk about the work she and our partners Agroliner are doing with Integrate in Spain.

Benefits of Integrate

Formulated to give an excellent initial wetting of agricultural soils and cultivation substrates.
Applicable to: cereals, leafy crops, vegetables, citrus fruits, berries, fruiting vegetables, ornamentals.
Optimizes penetration and lateral movement of applied water and nutrients.
Maximizes water absorption and irrigation efficiency.
Helps root distribution.
It can be applied to all types of soils and cultivation substrates.
It improves the re-wetting of the areas, favoring root development.
Prolonged effect.
Contains 61% Triblock Co-polymer and 19% Glucoethers.
Integrate is 80% active surfactant.

See Full Agroliner Page on their website: Click here

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