Can Aqualatus solve the world water crisis?

Check out the article in H20 Magazine and read about how Aqualatus is saving water in Agriculture.

As the world’s population rises, we need to produce more food, but agriculture strains already dwindling freshwater resources. To help solve this water crisis, Peter Blezard, a founder of Engage Crop Solutions, a company who developed Aqualatus, a unique technology developed to reduce the water needed for irrigation.

Even a cursory glance at the news reveals the scale of the global water shortage in the face of climate change and population growth. We face widespread droughts because we are depleting water resources far quicker than nature can replenish them.

Clearly, we need to preserve this precious resource and many of us try to reduce our water footprint.

While always welcome, this is very little compared to the vast amounts of water needed to irrigate crops.

Irrigation and Water Scarcity

Agriculture is responsible for 70% of all global water usage, so making irrigation more water- efficient will free up vast amounts of water for drinking and hygiene. However, can we do this without reducing crop yields and threatening food security?

Peter with his team realised we needed to move away from endless discussions about water shortages and develop solutions that preserve water stocks while continuing to feed the world. Globally, 40% of food production relies on artificial irrigation, but it can use three times more water than the crop actually needs.

Because reducing this wastage is central to water conservation, Engage Crop Solutions developed Aqualatus, a transformational water-saving technology.

How Aqualatus Reduces Agricultural Water Use

Aqualatus is a sophisticated blend of liquid polymers containing billions of microscopic structures. These stick to soil particles to create a clump that slows the gravitational flow of water and promotes lateral movement. It reduces surface runoff and evaporation, and increases the soil’s moisture content so that crops still receive the water they need.

Ten years of trials showed that Aqualatus reduces irrigation water usage by almost half, creating huge savings and, in arid regions, saving lives. Growers can use less water for shorter periods of time and, by helping soll retain moisture, the technology also reduces leaching. This protects watercourses from agricultural contamination and ensures crops need less fertiliser.

Importantly, Aqualatus preserves water without affecting crop yields or quality, and opens up new regions for water- efficient agriculture. At a time when many governments are contemplating high water premiums to preserve resources, the technology can help growers avoid additional steep costs Aqualatus is safe for the environment and, by improving soil quality, and lowering costs, gives growers the water security they need to produce the food we need.

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