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Check out the excellent coverage of our innovative water-saving technology Aqualatus, at the Agra Middle East show last month, in the recent edition of Gulf Agriculture Magazine.

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AgraME, the most significant agricultural event, recently unfolded at the Dubai World Trade Centre on October 9-10.

This year, AgraME, organized by Informa Connect, marked its largest edition to date, occupying an impressive 8,280 square meters with over 250 exhibitors hailing from more than 150 countries.

As the premier agricultural exhibition in the region, AgraME drew over 5,000 industry visitors from around the world. The exhibition served as a platform to showcase cutting-edge agricultural technologies and processes in various sectors, including arable farming, horticulture, aquaculture, and animal health.

One of the standout exhibitors, Engage Crop Solutions (ECS), hailing from Lancashire, United Kingdom, presented their innovative “Aqualatus” technology. Peter Blezard, the company’s Founding Director, emphasized that this solution could significantly enhance soil moisture retention, leading to water savings and increased crop yields and profits.

Blezard stated, “Sustainability must be at the forefront of agriculture, especially in the Middle East where food security is crucial, but resources are becoming limited. Growers need support and innovative solutions to ensure sustainable crop production for a growing population. When applied to irrigation systems, Aqualatus technology can halve irrigation cycles while maintaining exceptional crop development, yield, and quality. Additionally, it reduces fertilizer and energy costs.”

He went on to highlight the local impact of the technology, as it can help address water scarcity issues, which is a significant concern in the region. ECS has already collaborated with the Dubai Municipality to trial the Aqualatus technology.

“In a year-long trial at the Al Warqa Park, Aqualatus reduced water usage by 50%, maintaining lush landscapes with significantly lower water consumption, from 87,000 liters a day to just 43,500 liters. When extended across the city, Aqualatus is projected to save the Municipality of Dubai Dh560 million annually and provide crucial water security,” Blezard added.

Brent Crosbie, the Exhibition Director of AgraME, commented, AgraME Review “This year, we have witnessed a prompt and resolute global response, with participants representing regions across the Gulf, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Central America, and South America. AgraME has now become a genuinely international platform, serving a world deeply dedicated to sustainability and food security.

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